Hairy Woodpecker on the bald near Diamond Peak in Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness Area

With first light on Saturday morning, I left the Diamond Peak trailhead toward Sheephead Corral.  Here in the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness the forest is a wonderful mixture of Western Larch and Engelmann Spruce with a scattering of firs.  It had rained the night before and the blueberry understory glistened with water droplets.  About a mile up … Read more

Sunset on Lily Lake in Goat Rock Wilderness

In early June, I camped by Lily Lake in Goat Rock Wilderness.  I wanted to see how the lake changes as light passed through sunset to twilight.    Red cedars, Douglas firs, and western hemlocks lined the shoreline of the lake.  A wide band of alders extended out into the lake.  It looked like a trail … Read more

Old Growth Forest Canopy in the Goat Rock Wilderness in the Pacific Northwest

Have you ever fallen into a trance when looking vertically into the canopy of big trees until you realized your neck was hurting from how you were holding your head?  I was hiking in Goat Rock Wilderness along the Lily Lake Trail last week and was just mesmerized by the magnificent forest protected there.  I … Read more

Skunk Cabbages along Denny Creek Trail

I was headed up Denny Creek trail to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness when I caught a slight scent in the air.  I rounded a corner to discover a wet depression in the forest floor filled with skunk cabbages shooting up flowering spikes.  Some very impressive western cedar trees surrounded the depression.  Two cedars were more … Read more

Hike up Denny Creek in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area

The forest along Denny Creek Trail in the Alpine Wilderness is a wonderful old growth hemlock dominated community.  I was hiking up the trail a week ago and had to stop regularly to gaze at the massive trees, some several feet in diameter, and the complex understory.  The sword ferns and bushes were only just … Read more

Twilight on Ingalls Creek in Alpine Wilderness Area

I found a large boulder along Ingalls Creek in Alpine Lakes Wilderness where I could sit to watch the light change as we passed through sunset into twilight.  A mixture of cedars, Douglas firs, hemlocks over hung the creek.  Vine maples, alders, serviceberry bordered the sides and a lush carpet of mosses, ferns and other … Read more


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