Winter landscape along Mountain Loop Road

In winter, the Forest Service closes a gate across Mountain Loop Road about 25 miles east of Granite Falls, Washington.  I arrived at the gate at dawn to walk up the valley.  Rain showers were happening at regular intervals and the light was soft and even with the cloud cover.  The walk parallels the Stillaguamish … Read more

Sea Ducks wintering in Puget Sound at Mukilteo Ferry

My fingers quickly became numb in the below freezing air as I surveyed the flock of birds around the pylons at the Mukilteo ferry dock.  The pylons and rocks at Mukilteo ferry dock must have a rich growth of mussels for a large flock of Surf Scoters and Barrow’s Goldeneyes seem to winter there each … Read more

Green Lake morning walk and wintering ducks

The sun had just risen above the horizon at Green Lake and was peaking through some slits in the otherwise solid cloud cover.  The light reflected off the rippling surface of the lake and the clouds created a dramatic reflection.   The air was crisp, with the temperature just above freezing.  The ducks and coots were … Read more


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