Lake Julius, Alpine Lakes Wilderness

At 5,000 feet elevation on the eastside of the Cascades outside of Leavenworth, Scottish High Camp sits beside Alpine Lakes Wilderness. I stayed in an A-frame cabin with a wood stove to heat the place and a propane light and cooking burners.  I wanted to snowshoe into Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  The camp is 3,000 feet … Read more

American Dipper at Bagley Creek

Light waist deep and sparkling in morning light Crust thick with fluffy white top Ice crystals line the creek like Lace on a fancy gown or Maybe feathers growing out from shore Pools run smooth and quiet. The water dark, almost black against, The white reflected in the water. Sudden movement Upstream, not water What … Read more

Moods of Lake Janus in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness

Lake Janus sits below Jove Peak along the Pacific Crest Trail in the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness.  This wonderful subalpine lake is at 4,100 feet and you can camp along the southern bank.   Jove Peak rises steeply on the east side to 6,007 feet and a major but lesser hill sets to the west.  The … Read more

Small stream carves its path across the beach in Olympic Wilderness Area

Water has always fascinated me.  How in liquid form, it is so critical for life, making up the majority of our bodies.  Ice and running water plays a major role in shaping the landscape especially here where the last glaciation covered much of northern Washington under thousands of feet of ice.  The water cycle from … Read more

Magnolias, Cherries & Rhododendrons at UW Arboretum

A walk down Azalea Way at the University of Washington’s arboretum continues to be spectacular.  Several late blooming cherry varieties are now in full bloom.  One had such delicate blooms and another had very fluffy blossoms.  The Magnolias are open now and make for quite the showy tree.  Rhododendrons are just beginning to open.  I … Read more

Fields of Tulips, oh it must be Holland; no it is the Pacific Northwest

I went up to Mt Vernon in Skagit County to see if the Tulips were beginning to bloom.  Tulips are a major agricultural product for this part of Washington.  This area grows three-quarters of the tulip bulbs produced in the United States.  The rich organic soil of the Skagit plain is good for their growth.  … Read more

Cherry Trees in bloom on Azalea Way in the University of Washington Arboretum

The cherry trees in the UW Arboretum are in full bloom right now.  It was lightly raining while I walked along Azalea Way and the soft light made the cherry blossoms really glow.  Light rain and cloud cover creates a beautiful light for viewing flowers and really appreciating the intensity of colors.  The arboretum has … Read more

Tundra Swans in Skagit County, Washington

When I was growing up in Western Pennsylvania, we would listen for Tundra Swans flying over during spring or fall.  These birds would generally fly over Pennsylvania between breeding grounds in the Arctic and wintering area along the eastern shore.  Here in Washington, it is great that we can easily find this magnificent bird in … Read more


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