Select Writings

I am honored to have an essay in this collection. “My Tribe” chronicles my interaction with several Ruby-crowned Kinglets and how that meeting brought back memories of my early birding experiences in high school.

Available at Third Place Books and other book stores.


Spinning for Food. WOS News 189: 7-8.


A Snipe Hunt. WOS News 188: 12.

Trip Report: A First Snowshoe. Mountaineers Blog: January 17, 2020.

Nature’s Way: Pigeon Guillemots: Indicating the Health of the Salish Sea. January 28, 2020.  Originally published in the Mountaineer Winter 2019

Little Tyrants. WOS News 187: 5-6.

Birding with a Warped Mind. WOS News 187: 4, 12-14.

Ramsay, S. 2020 – Leader Spotlight: Thomas Bancroft. – June 29, 2020.

A Sense of Hope. Mountaineers Blog: June 30, 2020.  Also on Audubon Washington’s Blog: as Hope and a Red-winged Blackbird.

A Tea-Kettle Song. WOS News 185: 7-8.

World Birds: The Purple Grenadier. WOS News 185: 9.

Not so Mundane: The Pied-billed Grebe in Our Hemisphere. WOS News 184: 8.

Birding Basics: Start a lifelong journey of bird watching. Mountaineer: Fall 2020: 50-51 – Republished as: Did You Know? Birding Basics: Start a lifelong journey of bird watching. September 26, 2020.  

Soaring over Washington. Mountaineers Blog: September 15, 2020.

The Butcher Watchman. WOS News 183: 7.

Finding Snipe. WOS News 183:8.


Winter’s Beauty on the Old Sauk Trail.  Mountaineers Blog: March 02, 2019.

Behind the Shot: Birding in Panama’s Cloud Forest. WOS News 182:5-6.

Tronsen Ridge Wildflowers in June in the Cascades of Central Washington. – September 15, 2019.

Exploring Swift Creek and the Lake Ann Trail at Mount Baker. Mountaineers Blog. October 7, 2019.

A Remarkable May Weekend – The Moses Lake Conference. WOS News 181: 1, 5-7, 9-10.

Stories from the Cloud Forest of Western Panama. Mountaineers Blog: October 9, 2019.

The Grace of Trumpeter Swans. WOS News 179: 3, 21.

Bird and Hike the Clough Forests of Western Panama.  Mountaineers Blog: December 26, 2019.

The Aspen Grove. WOS News 178: 17.

Antarctic Fossils: Paleontology at Shackleton Glacier Camp. Mountaineer: Winter 2019.

Feeling Small. Maptia:


The Rufous Hummingbird WOS News 177: 9.

Trip Report: Hiking in the Mist.  Mountaineers Blog: September 5, 2018.

Trip Report: Lake Ann in the Rain. Mountaineers Blog: September 10, 2018.

Trip Report: Lake Ann in the Rain. Mountaineers Blog:

Trip Report: Hiking in the Mist. Mountaineers Blog:

Always the Meadowlark. WOS News 176: 10.

Black-backed Woodpecker among Ponderosa. WOS News 175 3, 15.

Finding Wildness in a Species of Sparrow. WOS News 175:19.

A Swainson’s Thrush in Panama. WOS News 174:14.

A Breathtaking Baritone. WOS News 173: 7-8.

Robust and Resilient Life. Mountaineers Naturalist Newsletter: April: 2.

Rosario Head. Mountaineers Naturalist Newsletter: March: 3-4.

March Point. Mountaineers Naturalist Newsletter: March 2018: 5. 

Olympia, climate and the America Pika. Crosscut January 2018.

A Naturalist’s Notes on Books: Red-tails in Love: Pale Male’s Story – A True Wildlife Drama in Central Park by Marie Winn. WOS News 171: 7.

Field Trip Report: Winter Birds of Okanogan and Douglas County. WOS News 171: 13, 18

Slurp, Slurp, Slurp of the Trumpeter Swans. WOS News 171: 14.


A Naturalist’s Notes on Books: Thoughts on “The Running Hare: The Secret Life of Farmland” by John Lewis-Stempel. WOS News 170: 16.

About the Recent WOS conference. WOSNews 169: 27-29.

First Person: Hopping across Cedar Run. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 2017.

Hike to Wombat Ridge. Maptia:

2016 & Before

Seeking Solitude in the Wilds of Washington. Maptia:

Citizen scientists make a difference.  2010. American Birds 64: 9-12.

Christmas Bird Counts and Climate Change: Northward shifts in early winter abundance.  American Birds 63: 10-15. 2009. Lead authors D.K. Niven & G. S. Butcher.

Going, Going, Gone?  An Assessment of the Global Decline in Bird Populations.  Testimony before the Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife and Oceans, House of Representatives. 2009.

An ecological perspective on the National Report on Sustainable Forests-2003. 2005 with Caroline Alkire.

Biodiversity & Landscape Ecosystem Integrity. With R. Pulliam & D. Blockstein. 2000.

Florida Bay: an endangered North American Jewel. 1993. Fla. Naturalist 66:4-9.

Water that’s too salty, dogs Florida Bay, ruins the ecology.  Miami Herald 10 October 1992. Letter to Editor.

Rare, Local, Little Known and Declining North American Breeders: White-crowned Pigeon.  1992. Birding 23:21-24.

Status and Conservation of Wading Birds in the Everglades. 1989.  American Birds 43:1258-1265.

Many scientific papers published in science journals like The Auk, The Condor, The Wilson Bulletin, The Ibis, Conservation Biology.