Uganda & the Shoebill

Our problem was our fascination with everything from butterflies to elephants. It slowed us down everywhere as one or another of us would spot something to investigate. Our guide, Nelson, was a fantastic person. His knowledge is vast, his patience tremendous, and his ability to show us things impressive. He knew all the places to … Read more

Raptors of Pacific Northwest:

A Course for Friends of Malheur NWR I am excited to teach a Raptors of the Pacific Northwest course for the Friends of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The course will cover the 19 diurnal raptors found regularly in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, and northern California. The first class is on February 28th and the … Read more

The Pantanal of Brazil

The grass waved slightly in the morning breeze, touching the railing on the boardwalk. My knee was braced on a post as I scanned east and then north across this vast wetland. Structurally, the marsh looked much like the Florida Everglades, where I worked for more than a decade. Earlier, a Snail Kite had quartered … Read more

What Did You Expect from a Toucan?

Toco Toucan

“Toucan,” erupted from the person on my right. In the canopy, two large birds with bright colors were mainly silhouetted against the sky, but some yellow, red, and white showed. The long bill was enough to confirm that two toucans had arrived in the Pantanal. This was my last day in Brazil, and I’d seen … Read more

Oh, To Be a Northern Shoveler

Their heads were underwater; occasionally, their eyes came above the surface, but mostly they stayed down. Somehow, they were getting breaths, but I couldn’t see how. True, their nostrils are near the base of the bill, and maybe only an instant is needed. These ducks, two males and a female, were swimming fast. The body … Read more


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