Dec 22

The Winter Solace of Birds

A Short-eared Owl hunts over the marshes along Rawlins Road on Fir Island.

The weather in Seattle has been cold and wintery the last few days. I snuck out of town just before it got really bad and made it to my sister’s house in Pennsylvania. Tomorrow, that front should reach here with dropping temperatures, winds, and snow. I had a good walk in the wilds today to receive some solace that nature provides. A little snow is on the ground and the tracks from turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, and deer provided much to examine. The ice in Cedar Run from yesterday had melted and the forest had the winter browns, grays, and tans. A few chickadees, titmice, and juncos flitted through the branches. It was wonderful and what I needed before the cold and wind hit.

The Mountaineers contacted me in early fall to ask how nature helped people deal with winter. I penned this article for them. Nature and birds, in particular, can provide much solace and delight. Being in the natural world is a powerful source of healing and an excellent antidote to our troubles. Seeing how species survive and thrive is mesmerizing. Strolling through the wilds provides time to absorb the wonder of life.

May you have a wonderful holiday season and may your new year be filled with nature.

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A family of Snow Geese rises from a feeding flock to land in a new grass patch. Fir Island.
The cream-barred plumage of the young Northern Shrike showed clearly as it sat erect, hunting from the top of the bush.

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    I enjoyed your essay Tom and the wonderful photos.

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